My name is ​​​​​​​​Amelia, I come from a small village outside London called Chiddingfold. I have a fluffy little cat called Gizmo, a new frenchie called Raffi, four beautiful sisters & an awesome boyfriend.

I am passionate about art & fitness. I Graduated from university in 3D design untill recently I work in the design team for a luxury fashion brand but now I clean Glasses for a living and couldn't be happier. I am also a qualified personal trainer & I try my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I believe a healthy life contributes to a happy one. I love traveling, the sunshine & scuba diving is my passion. I seriously can't imagine life without going away and being in the ocean. Exploring our world is a big part of keeping me happy. 
Let's get a little bit more personal. I was recognised with depression when I was 14. A word that I think gets used too much but for someone like me, it is a hard word to say. Anyway, I'm now 28 years old. It hasn't gone but this 'thing' I have, that nearly stopped me from living, forces me to look at life differently. One minute I love it, the next I hate it but I know I have no reason too. 

With this blog, I hope to inspire you to become the best version of you, by sharing everything involved in my world around travel, style & fitness. Whether you have some similar feelings to me or not, if anyone has any questions, comments or just want to have a chat, feel free to engage with me here . I started this blog so you guys can get to know me better & that I might be able to help you become who you want to be by showing you my journey as a normal person living with 'the black dog'.  

I want to get to know you, so please comment as much as you can!

C ya, Mia xx

P.S. I'm new to this so bear with me. It's a work in progress.



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H​​​i, I'm Raffi

A lilac Frenchie
Cheese lover & trainee high jumper.
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